Retail Cannabis Management at the Next Level

We create environments that facilitate the interaction between the Dispensary Brand and the Cannabis Consumer

We’ve integrated all of the necessary components to safely manage a multi-channel, cannabis retail operation including ecommerce, digital marketing, payment processing, order fulfillment, seed-to-sale, and inventory management capabilities in a simple, user-friendly, real-time environment.

Yeah… we know it’s a lot.

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Put your brand in the device most consumers utilize


Allow customers to shop, order, pay, and track deliveries from their preferred device

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Reduce costs and increase sales, margins, and customer loyalty in every transaction

Your Brand

Your Brand

In the emerging market of legal retail cannabis and the digital marketplace, your Brand will need to out-pace your growth. With that in mind, our retail applications are designed to ensure your brand takes center-stage. 

All consumer-facing applications including E-Commerce/Mobile, In-store Kiosk, and Digital Marketing Campaigns carry your Brand. 

After all, they’re your customers.

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Your Customers

Your Customers

Mainstream merchant services providers, retail online solutions, and financial institutions will inevitably enter the cannabis industry in a “post-legalized” environment and will want, and in some cases, need your customer’s personal information. 

Our solutions allow you to establish relationships with current customers and control who has access to their data at every level. 

After all; your Brand, your Customers, your Store

Your Store​

Your Store​

The safety and security of your employees, customers, and overall business operations is one topic that may keep you up at night. 

Having a personalized, interactive app on your preferred device that can instantly show that the books are balanced, stores are locked down,  and you have two employee with birthdays this week…

We call those Standard Features. 

About NeCO Technologies

 What started as an idea for a “branded native app” for the small retail business quickly grew into a full-fledged, enterprise-level software development project requiring thousands of hours in design, development, and integration. After conducting research with cannabis consumers, dispensary owners/operators, and industry consultants, the decision was made to “all in” create an end-to-end solution specifically designed for the Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp retail consumer market.

In 2019, NeCO Technologies and their partners started development a multi-channel, retail cannabis commerce platform called Kaya IQ.      

Spring 2022 Release

Kaya IQ is an enterprise Cannabis Commerce Platform designed specifically for the Retail Dispensary environment. 

The first version (v1.0) of Kaya IQ is in the final stages of development and beta testing is scheduled to begin in Spring 2022. 

If you are interested in learning more about Kaya IQ or NeCO, please feel free to contact us.