One Plant, One Platform

We design retail cannabis platforms beginning with the Consumer Experience, and work backwards from there.

We create digital environments through enterprise software and network integrations that facilitate the interaction between the cannabis consumer and the retail dispensary. 


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Know Your Customer

Even the most advanced technology or real-time environment won’t drive new customer activity without FIRST understanding the consumer base, market trends, and regulatory environment in which it operates.

The average consumer has already learned the finer points of locating and purchasing cannabis in the legal retail market; however, the services and experiences vary dramatically based on location.


Design the Opportunity

Design the Opportunity

Understanding consumer behavior and product trends in the overall marketplace is fundamental.

Learning the true operational and customer challenges in the retail cannabis market allows us to design outside of the traditional retail experience.

We work with our clients to create customer interactions that cultivate long-term relationships, opportunities, and revenue across every channel.

Build Brand Awareness​

Build Brand Awareness​

The Retail Cannabis Industry is building their own brand awareness through a digital “grassroots” network of customers, local businesses, distributors, processors, and growers. 

Establishing brand reputation in the current “open” digital marketplace through customer feedback, product ratings, cannabis education, and community involvement will help build  awareness and recognition in an already-crowded digital

We’ve integrated all of the necessary components to safely manage a multi-channel, retail operation including ecommerce, digital marketing, payment processing, order fulfillment, seed-to-sale, and inventory management capabilities in a simple, user-friendly, real-time environment.

Yeah… we know it’s a lot.

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Founder Introduction

Kevin J. Morrison